Cloud integration and IOT done right

We are a technology startup that focuses on the simple solutions for Transportation Industry based on Artificial Intelligence and IOT.

Our Services

What Service We Offer

We have developed solutions to enable businesses enabled by AI/BI and IOT Based Solutions

IT Management

We have the best team with decades long experience of IT Management, Enabling businesses to grow coherently with new technology solutions

Digital Marketing

The more connected the business processes are with the clients and market, the more we are able to maximize the profits, we have established a team of digital marketing to achieve this.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis is an integral part of any business transformation, Our team have vast experience of data analysis of many industries and enterprises.

SEO Booster

We provide SEO services that will boost the online reach and conversion from the sales funnel, to be a competitive business on the internet.

Data Security

Data Security is a feature of stable business enterprise, we have a dedicated team to monitor and ensure the Data Security for all of our Products and Clients.

Cloud Computing

All our applications are cloud based. we provide cloud implementation, integration, porting and overall cloud management services.

Vehicle Transport Solution

Vehicle Delivery

The Solution provides real time tracking of the vehicle transport fleet, with finances and regulations integrated providing data on the go, for data analysis and decision making for the fleet management.

  • Dealer Network
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • AI/BI Based Dashboard
  • IOT Based data input
  • Business Reporting
  • Cloud Based Access


Connections that Matter

Our Solutions provide integration with the onboard IOT devices, to collect and process the real time data and consume and provide data integration VIA Services to the Customers and their Partner Networks.

  • API Based Customer Access
  • Partner Data Security Consideration
  • IOT Integration
  • Customer Integrations
  • Partner Integration

About Us

We Build New Future With Best Technology

Solution Chip is striving to make new technologies integrate into businesses, and tap into IOT and Cloud Technologies, Making the transport and Communication industry more efficient.


  • Tauheed Khaliq
    • Co-Founder and Head of Sales and Customer Relations
  • Shehzad Mustafa
    • Co-Founder and Head of System Operations
  • Waseed Khaliq
    • Co-Founder and Head of Product Development and Engineering
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